At MedExpress, we’re committed to high-quality, convenient care. That’s why we have a range of testing capabilities on site to make sure we can get you answers and treat your condition as quickly as possible.



To help with diagnosing and treating illnesses during your visit to MedExpress, we can offer 实验室服务, 静脉输液(静脉注射), 心电图(心电图) -如彩票平台认为有必要 医疗小组. 


If your MedExpress provider needs labs or blood work to help confirm your diagnosis, we can do labs on site and send blood work and cultures to our partners so you can get answers sooner.

The most common labs we conduct include:

  • 链球菌的测试
  • 流感测试
  • Monospot
  • 验尿
  • 尿妊娠
  • 手指针刺葡萄糖
  • 粪便隐血

实验室可在选择中心. Call your local center to confirm service availability.


We can check for TB with a quick skin test on site. 

Sometimes, TB can be present in the body without causing people to feel sick or showing symptoms. 这就是为什么 疾控中心建议 对以下人群进行测试:

  • Have spent time with someone who has TB.
  • Have medical problems that weaken the immune system.
  • Are from a country where TB is common (most countries in Latin America, 加勒比海, 非洲, 亚洲, 东欧和 俄罗斯).
  • 在美国某地居住或工作.S. where TB is more common (homeless shelters, prisons).
  • 使用非法药物.


Our MedExpress 医疗小组 can administer IV fluids when appropriate, which help to replenish the liquids and electrolytes (sodium) that your body needs to function. 

If you are dehydrated and unable to adequately take in oral fluids, 你可能需要补充静脉液体. 脱水可以 caused by a number of things, including:

  • Loss of fluids from vomiting or diarrhea. 

静脉注射可在指定中心获得. Call your local center to confirm service availability.


All MedExpress centers are equipped to perform an EKG, a test that checks the heart’s electrical activity. The results of this test can help our 医疗小组 find the cause of chest pain. 

The data from 心电图仪等 can also help providers uncover why you might be experiencing possible cardiac symptoms, 比如呼吸急促, 头晕或心悸. 


MedExpress提供 新型冠状病毒肺炎评估和检测 在指定的中心.